Japrish: Pachinko ad poorly translated from Japanese to English

The photo below, taken outside a Pachinko Parlor, is the second photo in the Japrish image compilation, my own version of Engrish. A series of photos taken of English words or phrases that had been displayed by the Japanese, for store signs, slogans, poster ads, t-shirts and more.

Pachinko billboard in Okayama

Pachinko advertisement

Pachinko poster outside the venue in Okayama.

My previous job was in advertising, so I really started to ponder if there are any laws like the Trade Practices Act which restrict what you can and cannot say. I read this sign while laughing so hard I was crying, before finding out it was for a Pachinko parlor!

It creates such an excitement land of comfortable space…

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  1. Japan Australia

    Got to love the Japanese English which can be seen everywhere in Japan.

    • I have many more to post as soon as I get around to it! Spotted some “WeatherCock” socks today, hehe.

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