Children’s Day and Golden Week: Carp Stream Flags at Toyota Stadium

Golden Week (ゴールデンウィーク Gōruden Wīku) in Japan is a time of many national holidays. The holidays during this time are taken on 29th of April 29 and then May 3-5. The holiday on 5 May is Children’s Day (traditional known as Boy’s Day).

Children's Day Koinobori (carp) flags during Golden Week in Japan

Koinobori flags flying outside Toyota Stadium

This photo was taken very recently outside Toyota Stadium, in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. The flags flown are called Koinobori (鯉幟) which means carp (fish) streamer. There are many different types, and they have been flown every year for hundreds of years in Japan.

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  1. Japan Australia

    Great picture. Love the view from the bottom up.

    There are four national holidays during the Golden Week period: Showa Day (April 29), Constitution Memorial Day (May 3), Greenery Day (May 4), and Children`s Day (May 5). This is a very busy travel season in Japan and most tourist destinations are extremely crowded. Many Japanese offices close for about a week to 10 days, depending on the calendar with many people taking a vacation, travelling abroad or to a tourist attraction in Japan.

    • Thanks JA, yes the shrines and temples have been quite packed. So are the shopping malls, as there many Golden Week sales are happening.

      Well we got a little unlucky this year, the May 3 -5 holiday is from Tuesday to Thursday. So I still have to work Monday and Friday!

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