We have another great high-res photo this month for the latest Japan Photo Of The Month addition. Recently we travelled to Osaka and visited nearby Nara. This month’s photo is from the Todai-ji temple complex in historic Nara.

The Great Buddha hall at Todai-ji in Nara, Kansai, Japan
The Great Buddha hall is just one of the many “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara”.

Download a high resolution wallpaper version of the Great Buddha Hall photo. The wallpaper is 2560 px wide by 1600 px high, suitable for most screens, optimised for 16:10 widescreen.

The Great Buddha Hall was the largest wooden building in the world for hundreds of years, until 1998 when it was surpassed by more modern structures. It contains the largest bronze statue of the Buddha Vairocana, which was built around 750AD. It is a world heritage site and has some great history.

A more detailed article on Todai-ji will be published soon, which will include more information and photos about the Great Buddha Hall and the Great Buddha of Nara. So grab the RSS or new post email alerts to stay up to date.

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