Yebisu - Premium Japanese Beer

After trying many, many Japanese beers, my favourite is the Premium Yebisu All Malt Beer.

Being a premium Japanese beer, Yebisu beer does cost a little bit more than the others. A single 500ml can (pictured to the right) costs around 275 Yen from a supermarket (look for Meglia) or about 320 Yen from a convenience ?store (conbini). You can buy Yebisu in smaller 375ml cans also.

Yebisu is made by Sapporo Beer. The alcohol content is 5% and has 42 calories per 100ml.

The reason why I think Yebisu is the best Japanese beer, is because it actual has a really full malt taste. Other Japanese beers, even though they still have an alcohol content in the range of 4 – 5%, taste very light and watery.

Drinking in Japan is fairly unregulated, so go pick one up from a supermarket or conbini and crack one open right out on the street if you like! As a foreigner you will get away with it.

What is your favourite beer? Asahi Super Dry is decent, but I liken it to perhaps a Tooheys Extra Dry in Australia… the cheap stock standard.

Limited edition Kohaku Yebisu Premium Japanese beer (amber ale)

UPDATE: In the autumn (October) of 2011 in Japan I found this delicious limited edition Kohaku Yebisu Premium beer at a local booze store.

Limited edition Kohaku Yebisu Premium Japanese beer (amber ale)
Limited edition Kohaku Yebisu Premium Japanese beer (amber ale)

This is a limited edition amber brew. Kohaku in Japanese means amber. It had a small thick amber/white coloured head that didn’t hold for too long after pouring (but I’m not a fan of head on my beer so there wasn’t much to complain about).

Tastes really nice, very smooth which I’ve come to expect from Yebisu. It is very much a premium beer, 10 yen more than the Yebisu Premium at my local bottle shop.