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Internet Cafe near Shin-Osaka Station & Umeda Station in Osaka


Internet Cafe near Shin-Osaka Station & Umeda Station in Osaka

Internet Cafe in Osaka, near Shin-Osaka

Finding an internet cafe in Osaka can be a little difficult if you can’t read kanji. Although many internet cafes will have signs on the ground showing pictures of the computers etc, inside, you still have to look very closely.

If you are near Shin-Osaka station, this is a very easy internet cafe to find. It is called MediaCafe POPEYE. There are many of these all over the country.

Internet Cafe in Osaka, near Shin-Osaka

A very short walk from Shin-Osaka station. This is a poster inside Shin-Osaka station.

Walking directions from Shin-Osaka station, see the Google Maps walking directions and Google Maps street view of the building. Look for the south exit when you are in Shin-Osaka. It is about a 500m walk.

If you have a browser or add-on that can translate from Japanese, or you can read Japanese then take a look at the MediaCafe POPEYE website.

I love Japanese internet cafes, there really is nothing like them where I’m from (Australia). On top of the normal browsing-the-internet you can read, at most internet cafes you’ll also find:

  • All the manga and magazines you can read (or flick through if you don’t read Japanese),
  • Free drinks and sometimes snacks, noodles and soups,
  • A range of different computers and seating,
  • Shower facilities and more.

There are also a few internet cafes around Dotonbori in Osaka, these are easy to find too…

Deano「ヂィノ」 Wormald

Your man in Japan, online since 2009. I used to live in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, and travel to Japan at least once a year for three weeks.


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  1. Japan Australia June 23, 2011

    The internet cafes in Japan are amazing. You can easily spend many hours in them doing all sorts of things. A few people even crash overnight in them.

    1. JTM June 24, 2011

      Yeah a few people I know travel from the countryside to Osaka to go nightclubbing. They then sleep a few hours in the net cafe until the trains are running again in the morning!

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