Leaving Kyoto is never fun. The only part of leaving that is enjoyable is the ride on the shinkansen 「新幹線」 and speeding along at 270km/h to the next destination.

Shinkansen N700 Series departing JR Kyoto Station
NIKON D5200 (35mm, f/2.5, 1/2000 sec, ISO100)
Shinkansen N700 Series departing JR Kyoto Station

N700 Series Shinkansen

This bullet train is the current standard in Japanese shinkansen trains. Just about all shinkansen services between Tokyo and Osaka use the N700 series train.

If you’ve ever ridden on one of these, you’ll know just how comfortable it is to travel on. Seats are large with plenty of leg room, the ride is very smooth (much smoother than an airplane or any other type of non-shinkansen train).

Japan Rail Pass and the shinkansen

Tourists visiting Japan should consider using the Japan Rail Pass (read: Is the JR Pass worth it?) to cover travel costs while moving around the country. With a JR Pass you can ride on the shinkansen, and if you don’t want to reserve a seat, you can bypass the ticket office and head straight to a non-reserved car.

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