The JR train from Kansai International Airport to Shin-Osaka takes 50 minutes. If you missed the multiple convenience stores inside the airport and need some food, drink or a cheeky beer, the Kiosk on the platform is conveniently placed.

Kiosk Convenience Store at Kansai International Airport's Train Station
Kiosk convenience store on a JR platform at Kansai International Airport Station.
HDR Photo

For me, these train platform convenience stores signal the end of something: the final moments of a special journey.

This photo was taken on October 6, 2013 after flying in from Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia) on a Jetstar flight. The flight leaves Gold Coast at a reasonable time, 10:05am and lands in Osaka at 6:20pm the same day. By the time I get out of the airport, take the train and check in to a hotel, it’s about 8:30pm.

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