Orion Draft Beer 「リオン生ビール」 is Okinawa’s standard beer. The beer is brewed in Okinawa by Orion Breweries and distributed throughout the rest of Japan by Asahi Breweries.

Orion Draft Beer
「Orion Nama Biiru, リオン生ビール」

Orion Draft Beer, from Okinawa, Japan
DMC-LX3 (5.1mm, f/2, 1/30 sec, ISO200)
Orion Draft Beer, from Okinawa

One thing that makes this beer special is that the water is taken from a mountain spring adjacent to the brewery. Quality of water can make or break a beer and in Orion Draft Beer’s case, it makes for a very smooth and very Japanese beer. The beer is very refreshing and has some almost pilsner like qualities.

Like most Japanese beers, this draft comes in 350ml and 500ml cans, and is typically the same price as Asahi Super Dry. Most of the beer produced by the Orion Brewery is consumed in Okinawa. Unlike Asahi, which has authorised brewers all over the world (in places like China and Thailand), Orion Draft Beer is exclusively brewed in Okinawa, Japan and nowhere else.

The brewery in Okinawa offers free tours at the Orion Happy Park 「オリオンハッピーパーク」 and at the conclusion of the tour you can taste a few beers for free. You can enjoy this kind of experience on the Japanese mainland with free tours of Asahi Beer Breweries.