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Outdoor Luxury Japanese Onsen

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Outdoor Luxury Japanese Onsen

Luxury outdoor onsen in Japan

Onsen 「温泉 hot spring baths」 are easily the most relaxing places in Japan. If you can treat yourself to a luxury Japanese onsen, the experience will be all the more relaxing, as you will usually have access to a private bath.

The minerals often found in the water are said to have therapeutic and medical properties, and many hot springs will advertise the types of minerals found in their water. To be classified as an onsen, the water temperature must be above 25°C. Temperature is generally around 34°C to 42°C.

Inside a luxury Japanese onsen

Luxury Japanese onsen in Japan

Such a relaxing scene, beautiful lighting

This photo was originally published on Flickr by LPstyle, who is the original photographer and copyright holder of this image.

If you’re looking for an onsen in Japan, keep an eye out for these symbols:
[dropcap background=”yes” color=”#333333″ size=”50px”]♨[/dropcap]… on maps

[dropcap background=”yes” color=”#333333″ size=”50px”]ゆ[/dropcap]… on the actual building

Before visiting an onsen, make sure you’re aware of how to use the Japanese hot spring baths.

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