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Restaurant on a Train Station Platform

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Restaurant on a Train Station Platform

Restaurant on a Train Station Platform

When you’re in transit and need a feed… what’s more convenient than a restaurant on the train platform? Well maybe the service staff on bullet trains who offer food and drinks. But the platform restaurant is still super convenient!

From quick coffees, convenience stores and vending machines to hotel toiletries, Japan is setup for convenience. That makes traveling very stress free.

Stand-up Restaurant on Osaka Station’s platform

Restaurant on a Train Station Platform

NIKON D5200 (18mm, f/3.5, 1/125 sec, ISO100)
Restaurant on a Train Station Platform

The stand-up restaurants are often found on shinkansen platforms. The stand-up noodle bar is also commonly found in other areas of train stations. This is the “traditional” Japanese fast food.

At this “restaurant” food is ordered using the dumb waiter by the door. Pay for your food, receive a ticket from the machine, then give the ticket to a staff member. Here there are 16 types of udon, 20 types of soba, 2 types of okonomiyaki and many sides and salads.

Photo location

View this location (Map coordinates: 34.702503,135.496193) on Google Maps.

I saw this place at JR Osaka Station in transit to Shin-Osaka Station to take the bullet train to Kyoto. While I didn’t eat on this occasion, I have done several times in the past. The food is always fast and tasty.

One of my favourite things about these places, is that they serve icy cold Japanese beer!

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