I think I’m an awesome photographer and even better at Photoshop. So check out my skills and see the best of the JTM Photo series.

This week, the 50th in the the “JTM Photo” series was published via JapanTravelMates’ Twitter. I have travelled Japan a lot, but upon starting to live in Japan, this series began. The photos are sent out every few days, whenever I spot something interesting, which is almost everyday now… To stay up to date and view the latest, you’ll have to follow JapanTravelMates’ Twitter.

Editor’s Top 3

Here are the top 3 photos of Japan from the number 1 to 50 of the JTM Photo series, as chosen by the editor of japantravelmate.com.

I guess you could call this a smoker’s etiquette sign. The first time we spotted these signs was 2 years ago in Harujuku, every since we have been noticing them everywhere.

Picture of a Japan no smoking sign
Blow your smoke my way... and you

The next photo is in my top picks, because I had so much fun collecting these. Here is every size of Asahi Super Dry commercially available in Japan (I’d be happy to be proven wrong, so I can track down more to add to my collection!). Coming from Australia, I’d never seen a 135ml can or a 1L can!

Picture of all Asahi Super Dry Beer cans and bottle sizes in Japan
The best of the commercially available draft beers in Japan.

The last of my picks made it in the list because, I believe it is one of the better photos I have actually taken. We visited Tokyo Tower in 2009, just before starting this site. It was during this visit that I realised just how big Tokyo really is.

A picture of Tokyo Tower in Japan
Tokyo Tower on a fine spring day.

Audience’s Top 3

These photos are the top 3, chosen by the most views by the audience.

Picture of a street and convenience store in Japan during rainy season.
Passing a local conbini on the way home from work, during rainy season.
Picture of a One Piece book cover that has furigana for all the kanji.
One Piece in a format I can almost read.
A picture of Toyota city station in Japan.
Loitering around the station, this is the centre of Toyota city.

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