Asakusa is most famous for the iconic Senso-ji 「Senso Temple, 浅草寺」 with a huge lantern hanging from the main entrance gate, its long path lined with stalls and its five storied pagoda. From Asakusa Station, taking just a few steps in the opposite direction brings you to the bustling Sumida-gawa 「Sumida River, 隅田川」 with views towards Skytree.

Looking across the Sumida River from Asakusa

View across the Sumida River from Asakusa, Tokyo.
Panasonic DMC-LX3 (5.1mm, f/4, 1/500 sec, ISO80)
View across the Sumida River from Asakusa, Tokyo (HDR Photo)

Azuma-bashi 「Azuma Bridge, 吾妻橋」 gives both pedestrian and vehicle access towards Sumida where Tokyo Skytree is located. Skytree looks very close, but it’s actually a 20 minute walk from the Asakusa side of the river.

Just across the bridge is Asahi’s headquarters, the unique “Asahi Flame” building. You can tour the Asahi brewery (and even get 3 free beers), just like at the Asahi Brewery in Nagoya.

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