I seriously wanted to take a holiday and as a major Disney fan, I thought I’d visit one their theme parks. I found on the forums and travel sites, that there are really only two contenders. Orlando’s Walt Disney World and the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Magical Weather

They’re pretty much the same in summer but I’m not sure about the winter times. In summer they’re both hot and humid. I know Tokyo often gets snow in the winter. I’m assuming (from Googling their weather history) that when Florida gets cold…it’s snow cold. I’m sure some of the rides get closed and the animals at DisneySea get wonderfully heated pools.

The Magic of Money (I can make mine disappear!)

If you’re working with the Euro, travelling to Japan will be cheaper because of the exchange rate. The Euro is strong in both countries so when I compared my usual online agency with the prices at flythomascook.com, I was lucky that at the time, they were having a special. So always look around for the best deal before committing to your favourite airline. The resort ticket prices in Tokyo are half the cost than in the US and generally the costs of living, accommodation and food are almost nothing when I paid in Yen.

I stayed at an Econo-Lodge while in Florida and I found it cheaper to rent an apartment in Japan. I stayed in a pretty nice place near the Toritsu Ukita Park that was close to the trains. If you’re not travelling by car in either country, try and stay as close to the parks as possible, or get close to the train stations.

Exciting Rides and more Excited People

Most of the attractions are identical, almost identically placed within their surroundings, and to top it off, Tokyo has DisneySea with unique rides not found at its American counterparts. But somethings are a little different, such as when I took a loop-di-loop ride around Adventureland in Tokyo…expecting it to go around the entire park and there’s a giant dome…I presume for the rain and snow? It’s pretty nonetheless, whether it’s for the weather or not.

Tokyo Disney Resort v Walt Disney World

What I also loved was how excited everyone was to just be at Disney. Young kids, teenage boys (who you’d expect to scoff at everything and stare at their mobiles) even they were clapping along during the live shows (you must watch ‘Mystic Rhythms’…it’s like Cirque du Soleil meets a kung-fu movie)

The Language of English and Food

If you’re an English-speaker, then Florida will be no problem for you. In Japan however, don’t expect to be able to sing-along to some of the live show-tunes (unless it’s a super-classic). You can get a device that shows subtitles but I didn’t get one, so I’m not sure how it works. Also, just smile along when everyone around you is laughing at something a guide has told them…

In terms of food, try and only snack at the Parks, it’ll save you loads. Eat a big breakfast and dinner away from the resorts and snack on some popcorn with distinct Asian flavours (like honey, caramel, soy-sauce as well as the usual salted) and you’ll find traditional Japanese cuisine among the Western-style foods.

Every holiday has its own pros and cons, but no matter the Disney destination, you are guaranteed the magic and wonder of the fairy-tale kingdom. But if you’ve never been to Tokyo, there is so much more to see than just a Disney Resort, so make some extra time to explore the cultural richness of Japan.