Quick facts:

  • Japan Travel Mate is more than a Japan travel guide, it’s also a blog about all things related to Japan.
  • Japan Travel Mate posts regular articles, about what we hope will be useful and interesting information about Japan in general, and to help you on your Japan holiday.
  • The author of Japan Travel Mate is Dean Wormald. He takes his Panasonic Lumix DX3 and MacBook everywhere in Japan, to take photos and notes for japantravelmate.com. From 2013 he started shooting with a Nikon D5200.
  • Japan Travel Mate began as a hobby blog off deanwormald.com in June 2009. It didn’t take long to get a few hundred visitors, and was quickly given its own dedicated site.
  • The author of Japan Travel Mate grew up in Australia (having lived in Brisbane, Wooli, Tamworth, Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne). Dean worked in Interactive/Digital Agencies for about 6 years, and now lives and works in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
Japanese cherry blossom and Kyoto temple

Sakura (Cherry Blossom) in the garden of Sanjusangendo (33 bay hall) in Kyoto, Japan.

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