Mount Sanage is located on the outskirts of Toyota City in Aichi Prefecture. The mountain contains a hiking trail which is popular among the locals. From certain points on the mountain you can see Seto City, which is a 25km drive from Toyota. At the southern foot of Mt Sanage is the Sanage Shrine, and other shrines and temples can be found all around the mountain.

This tiny sub-shrine is often used as a landmark for the beginning or end of a hike on the mountain.

Mt Sanage 「Sanage-yama, 猿投山」
Hirosawaten Shrine「Hirosawaten-jinja, 広沢天神社」

Tiny Mountain Shrine at Mt Sanage, Toyota, Aichi, Japan
Panasonic DMC-LX3 (5.1mm, f/2, 1/30 sec, ISO100)
The Shaden (Shrine Pavilion) of Hirosawaten Shrine at Mt Sanage, Toyota, Aichi, Japan

The location and setting of this shrine give it a very spooky feel. The approach to the shrine is surrounded by dense forest and the path lined with white flags bearing the shrine’s name.

The shrine is very small and basic, featuring:

  • A stone torii near the road which acts as the entrance to the shrine precinct 「keidai iriguchi, 境内入口」
  • Beside the entrance torii is a stone name marker 「shagōhyō, 社号標」
  • A path approaching the shrine 「sandō, 参道」 which is lined with white flags bearing the shrine’s name
  • A very small shrine pavilion 「shaden, 社殿」 within the shrine grounds 「keidai, 境内」

Toyota International Association’s Traveler Guide page includes a Mt Sanage Hike brochure, with information about hiking the mountain, how to get to the mountain, photos, map and itinerary.

Location of Mt Sanage:

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