Looking for things to do in Fukuoka?

Hire a bicycle for 100 yen a day, and see the area at a very comfortable pace! Go shopping at the oasis of Canal City, or see the amazing design of the city’s stunning landmark buildings. All of the following places are accessible by bicycle.

Hire/rent a bicycle in Fukuoka, Japan

After just a few weeks in Japan, we were very jealous of everyone riding on bicycles. In Japan bikes basically have the right of way on the road, and since we had been walking everyday for a few weeks we were keen to try something different.

Bicycle hired in Fukuoka, Japan. Step-over bar style with a front basket, stand and wheel lock.

Hiring a bike for a day when travelling Japan is one of my favourite things to do when travelling on a budget.

Finding bicycle hire in Fukuoka: From Tenjin station, take the train 2 stops to Hirao station. Find (or ask for) the bicycle parking station, which is open from 6am to midnight.

Bicycle hire cost in Fukuoka: Bicycles cost 100 yen to hire for the day, with a 2000 yen refundable deposit.

Parking your bicycle in Fukuoka: There are many free bicycle parking spots, all bicycles have built in locks. Take care when parking your bicycle, to be safe we always parked where there are others parked, as you can be fined for illegal parking.

Language tip: In Japanese, bicycle is ‘ji-ten-sha’ or in hiragana ‘じてんしゃ’.

ACROS Fukuoka “The amazing green building”

This building is ‘a hub of international, cultural and informational exchange’, and one of the most interesting buildings in Japan.

ACROS Fukuoka building sign
Entrance to the ACROS Fukuoka building interior.
ACROS Fukuoka - the green side
ACROS Fukuoka – the green side.

Canal City – shopping, entertainment and food

A 15 minute walk from Hakata Station (the shinkansen station for Fukuoka) is the Canal City, a huge shopping and entertainment complex. With a man-made river running through it, this place is visually spectacular.

Canal City, Fukuoka Japan
Canal City – one of the many unique perspectives from this huge shopping and entertainment area.

Hakata Bay

Fukuoka Beach & Momochi Beach Resort

Heading east from ACROS Fukuoka and Tenjin are some nice beaches and the Momochi Beach Resort complex, for shopping and restaurants.

Beach at Hakata Bay, Fukuoka Japan.
Beach at Hakata Bay, Fukuoka. The Yahoo Baseball Dome can be seen on the left.
Momochi Beach Resort, photo taken from Fukuoka Tower in Japan.
Momochi Beach Resort, photo taken from Fukuoka Tower in Japan.

Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka Tower is a must, including Robo Square which is found in the tower’s lower levels.

Fukuoka Tower
Fukuoka Tower at Hakata Bay, Fukuoka Japan.

Fukuoka Yahoo! Baseball Dome

If you are a baseball fan, or just a fan of big buildings, Yahoo! Dome with retractable roof is on the way to the Tower and Beach from Tenjin.

Fukuoka Yahoo! Baseball Dome
Fukuoka Yahoo! Baseball Dome

Fukuoka is a great city, not too big but with plenty happening. Many cheap hotels and apartments around Tenjin, but the best place to stay is definitely a ryokan!