It’s been far too long since a Japrish post has been published here. Since I’ve been living in Japan I’ve been snapping away and saving up some awesome Japrish photos.

Japrish is basically my own version of Engrish. It’s all from Japan – and it’s not that it’s bad English (although many times it is) – more that it is somehow strange and amusing. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…

The Super Great Feeling Bringing Fake Beer

Strong 7 Beer from Japan
A limited edition beer from about 2 years ago.

A kind of Japanese beer – actually called happoshu, which has a lower content and I classify it as fake beer – brought out about 2 years ago in a limited release. The ads for it were hilarious, dudes would take a big swig and react like someone you’d see on a Solo ad.

I Challenge You To A Sale

Challenge Price Japan Engrish
I dare you… break the price!

There was an awesome example a few months ago of a shop in Osaka posting a sale sign with swear words printed in huge letters. This one gets the message across… in a challenging way.

Mentally Challenge You With A Truck

Isuzu Retarder Japan
Hoping this one doesn’t live up to its name.

Snapped this one day on a drive to work… couldn’t believe what I was seeing in my rear-view mirror.

That Is Important

Toyota Engrish Japan
Good English… interesting facts.

Raise your spirits and buy a Rav4!

What Do You Want To Be?

Would You Buy
There are many factors to consider.

I’m not sure… would you?

Whistle If You’re Thiesty

Thiesty Old Style Poster Japrish
Come on… the correct spelling is right there!

Spotted in a local American burger place.

Enjoy It In Unison

Combining Space Engrish Japan
Combine those items and I will enjoy it.

At the deliciuous MOS Burger restaurant, this label was on the menu holder.

We’ll Settle For Peace – Anytime

Peace Japan
Just layback, and wait for it to happen…

This one is on my mousepad, bought from a 100 yen shop.

Target Audience

Sence of mismatch Japrish Japan
Specific enough?

In a country of 100+ million people, I guess the niches are more varied.

Changer The Changing Machine

Changer Japanese Machine Japrish
Put a note in, get coins out – too simple?

The “Glory Model Series” (which was actually out of order) found in a games center (bowling, arcade games, etc) in Kyoto.


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