This month’s photo of the month comes from Kurashiki, after a day trip there during this year’s summer holidays in Japan. In the historic town of Kurashiki is a protected historic area, full of unique buildings and temples. This photo is of a pink Japanese lotus flower. In Japanese it is called hasu (kanji = 蓮 and hiragana = はす). The flower is in a water garden of a buddhist temple.

Pink Lotus in a Japanese Buddhist Water Garden
An icon of buddhism, Shinto Buddhism is widely practiced in Japan.

If you’re travelling near Okayama then Kurashiki is a great place for a day trip. There are many historic buildings, many with white walls, which Kurashiki is famous for.

In my series of posts from my summer traveling Japan, a detailed post on Kurashiki is next on the list (edit: here’s the article – explore the historic Japanese city of Kurashiki). I’ve been really slow in posting these articles, as lots of time has been spent launching a website with a guide to creating websites.

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