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Kirin Fire Coffee Can
Cigarrettes and coke please: Vending machines
ACROS Fukuoka (The Green Building)
Tokyo Tower and Koi Carp Streamers
JR Kyoto Station Building
Hakone Shrine: Torii gate on the water (The Torii of Peace 「平和の鳥居」) of Lake Ashi (HDR Photo)
Hakone Shrine's East Torii (HDR Photo)
Tram in Okayama
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle walls and turrets
Kagome Juice
Front signage at Hotel New Hankyu in Osaka
Udo-jingu, the shrine in a cave
Hello Kitty Vibrator Sex Toy from Akihabara, Tokyo
Funny Smoking Sign next to Yodobashi in Kyoto
Vermillion Gate at Sanjusangen-do, Kyoto
Jetstar Economy Seats
Japanese Food Vending Machine
Japanese Beer Vending Machine
Akiba Shrine, in Ekakushinmachi, Toyota City