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Sweets & Snacks: Dotonbori’s Glico Man Pretz

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Sweets & Snacks: Dotonbori’s Glico Man Pretz

Dotonbori's Glico Man Pretz

During a recent trip to Osaka, while stocking up on food and drink for a day of traveling, I stopped in a convenience store and spotted these special edition Glico Pretz…

Japanese snacks & sweets: Glico Man Pretz

NIKON D5200 (18mm, f/3.5, 1/10 sec, ISO200)
Japanese snacks & sweets: Glico Man Pretz

If you’ve been to Osaka, then you know exactly what the picture on these packets of Pretz represent – an icon of Dotonbori in downtown Osaka, the massive neon sign along the Dotonbori-gawa Canal.

Translation of Japanese on this packet:

  • ちっちゃなプリッツ 「chiccha-na purittsu, little pretzel」
  • キャラメル風味 「kyarameru-fūmi, caramel flavour」
  • グリコ 「guriko, Glico (the snack company)」

Pretz (pretzel), in the typical Japanese style of shortening foreign words, were transformed into Pocky by adding a chocolate coating. Unlike the popular Pocky, these Pretz have flavour on the inside, and this particular Pretz contains caramel powder.

These Pretz were purchased from the Asnas convenience store next to Umeda Station in Osaka.

View this photo’s location on Google Maps.

See photos from Hotel New Hankyu Osaka, where I was staying when I bought these Glico Pretz.

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