Ryokan in Fukuoka Japan is the best Fukuoka accommodation you can find for a great Japanese culture experience. Being very close to Fukuoka City and Tenjin Fukuoka, staying at a Fukuoka Ryokan is a great idea.

This article is about our stay at the Japanese Ryokan Kashima Honkan in Fukuoka. You may have stumbled on this article while searching for “ryokan fukuoka”. This ryokan is a heritage building (Tangible Cultural Property) due to the unique traditional Japanese architecture and the Edo period garden enclosed in the centre of the property.

Ryokan Fukuoka Edo period Japanese garden
Edo period Japanese garden seen from the window of our Fukuoka Ryokan room.

Inside the Ryokan in Fukuoka

We stayed in a 2 person room, which had 2 futons to sleep on (with all pillows and bedding) in a separate bedroom. In the lounge room (tatami room) is a low table with kotatsu (which has a blanket and heating under the table – so comfortable!). Every Ryokan we stayed in had hot fresh green tea and yukata’s (Japanese robe’s).

Fukuoka Ryokan tatami room with kotatsu
Inside our 2 person room at the Fukuoka Ryokan Kashima Honkan.

There is also a computer with free internet access in the lobby. Toilet and bathroom facilities are available shared or in your room. This ryokan in Fukuoka was the most spacious I stayed in whilst travelling Japan.

How to get to the Fukuoka Ryokan

We actually found our way here with the help of a convenience store employee. If you want to do the same, you can use some Japanese “Ryokan Kashima Honkan wa doko desu ka?” (meaning where is Ryokan Kashima Honkan).

From Hakata train station, which is the main station where you would get of the shinkansen (bullet train), take the east exit and walk up the main road which is Taihaku Dori. You will walk about 600m, passing an AM/PM convenience store, arriving at a large intersection which Kokutai Dori. Here is Gion train station, continue walking along the same road, Taihaku Dori for 2 small blocks until you see a 7/11 convenience store on the corner. Turn left down this small one-way street, you will be walking with the traffic. You will then come to an intersection with a pedestrian crossing, across the road you will see a do not enter traffic sign, and on your right is car park. Turn left here, and the building after the one on the corner is the Fukuoka Ryokan Kashima Honkan.

You can see a map of the location at the Google Maps place page for Japanese Ryokan Kashima Honkan.

Things to do in Fukuoka

Of course, make sure you take your shoes off in the entry way! Put on a pair of provided inside shoes and head to reception. When we got there, lots of pleasant older ladies were shuffling around looking after the place. There are plenty of things to do, as this Ryokan is a great place to stay for your Fukuoka travel. It is very close to Tenjin, Fukuoka’s main restaurant, shopping and bar area. Fukuoka nightlife is great, the city is not too big and there are plenty of tourist attractions.

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And for more clarification on what is a Ryokan, see the Wikipedia article.