Chuhai, Nama Beer, Edamame and Izakaya Remnants

When people ask me what are the “must do” things in Japan, the only food experience I recommend is having dinner at an izakaya. Drinks and food flow quickly with the all-you-can-drink and all-you-can-eat sessions available at these Japanese restaurants/bars.

But what exactly can you expect at an izakaya? Here’s just a taste…

Chuhai, Nama Biiru and Edamame

Chuhai, beer and edamame at Yakiniku King in Toyota city, Aichi

DMC-LX3 (5.1mm, f/2, 1/30 sec, ISO100)
Chuhai, beer and edamame at Yakiniku King in Toyota city, Aichi


A sweet alcoholic drink which contains shōchū (what we generally call sake in the west – which is actually the Japanese term for alcohol in general), soda and juice.

Nama Biiru

生 is a kanji that has many different readings and meanings, but here it can be translated into “genuine”. So the literal translation is “genuine beer”, as there is another type of alcohol called happōshu which is basically a fake beer (for more details read: Japanese Beers: The Beer Difference (Nama/生 vs. Happoshu/発泡酒)


These baby soybeans in a pod are a great snack to have with beer.

Map of Yakiniku King Izakaya in Toyota City

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  1. Klaus

    We’ll be in Japan from next week on and we’ll travel with our sons (14+16 years old). Is it a problem to visit Izakayas with minors or are they places were usually only adults are allowed?

    • Deano「ヂィノ」

      Hi Klaus,

      Japan is very open with their alcohol and licensing laws. Izakaya’s are fine with children of any age. Many times I’ve seen young children in izakayas.



      • Klaus

        Hi Dean,

        thanks for that information!


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