Many Japanese “fast-food” restaurants speed up the process of ordering by using a “dumb-waiter”. Pictured here is a a vending machine, where you pay the machine money, and a human serves up your food…

Japanese Food Vending Machine
The Japanese “dumb-waiter”

If you see a restaurant with one of these vending machines, it’s quite easy to use. Just pay your money and push the button of the item you’d like. The machine will give you a ticket. Take this ticket into the restaurant and give it to a staff member. They will then promptly whip up a dish for you.

Available from this vending machine is:

  • Onigiri, curry, beef and chicken udon, and many more types of udon.
  • Kakiage (mixed tempura) soba, one of 20 types of soba.
  • Lots of additional toppings, salads and drinks

This is the Japanese food vending machine for the restaurant on a train station platform at JR Osaka.

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