The route I most often take to and from Japan is Gold Coast (Australia) to Kansai International Airport at Osaka. Flight time is a little over 9 hours, which for an international flight, isn’t very long at all.

Flying to Japan from Australia with Jetstar, arrival time in Japan is just after 6PM. But the flight to Australia from Japan that I usually take leaves at about 9PM… the dreaded red-eye flight. So it’s good to know just how comfortable the seats are…

Jetstar Economy Seats
Jetstar’s Economy Seats

I’m not the kind of person who falls asleep easily, let alone sitting up. However I find I can usually get a few hours sleep on the Jetstar economy seats. The head rest actually folds around the sides of your head, supporting you from falling sideways when trying to snooze.

On my most recent trip to Japan, I flew back to Australia by business class for the red-eye trip. This is a whole new level of comfort. The seats are wider and more comfortable with more legroom, they recline further back and have a better footrest allowing you to stretch out. Combine all these and you can actually get a few solid hours of sleep.

Several times I’ve flown on more expensive airlines, and they’ve had smaller seats which for me are impossible to sleep on.

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