If you’ve been to Japan it’s more than likely you’ve walked in this very spot. These people are bustling toward the Shinkansen Central Gate at Kyōto Station. If you’ve departed or arrived on a bullet train at Kyōto, chances are you’ve walked in this very spot too.

Japan Rail Shinkansen Ticket Office at Kyoto Station

JR Ticket Office at Shin-Osaka Station
JR Ticket Office at Kyoto Station

With Kyoto Station being so huge, there are several ticket offices. This one is located along the pedestrian walk way which passes through the middle of the station from south to north. The “Light at Time” meeting point is nearby.

Today’s photo was taken shortly after a photo of my shinkansen from Shinōsaka Station leaving leaving Kyōto Station.

Where the statue once stood:

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View this location – Map coordinates: 34°59’06.9″N 135°45’30.2″E.

Traveler’s Tip: Don’t forget your JR Pass!

If you’re going to Japan and plan to do more than 2 trips on the bullet train (shinkansen), get your Japan Rail Pass before heading to Japan. It might seem expensive when you research the pass prices, but if you also research the cost of single trips, you’ll see just how much value for money you get out of these passes.

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