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Dazzling photography in Shirakawa-go at night, a UNESCO World Heritage site

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Dazzling photography in Shirakawa-go at night, a UNESCO World Heritage site


In the Chūbu region (the Japanese 中部地方 translates literally to “central region”) is the small village village of Shirakawa-go. Located in a remote and mountainous area of Gifu Prefecture (near the Nakasendo and historic villages like Narai-juku of neighbouring Nagano Prefecture), the village is most famous for its minka (house of the common people) triangle shaped houses.

Shirakawa-go at night

Shirakawa-go at night by miyamoto

Canon EOS-1D X (200mm, f/7.1, 25 sec, ISO800)
The gassho-zukuri style house of Shirakawa-go. Photo by Miyamoto.

Today’s Mainichi Photo of Shirakawa-go at night is from Japanese photographer Miyamoto, and was taken in the winter of late January 2014.

Being such a mountainous region, it snows every year. The 1998 Winter Olympics were held nearby, and there are many popular ski resorts in this area of central Japan.

Shirakawa-go map

Map coordinates: 36.263078,136.907136.

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