Reason #928 why Japan is convenient: convenience coffee. This is by far my favourite Japanese canned coffee, actually forming part of a full breakfast from a Japanese convenience store in Osaka.

Kirin’s Fire Coffee

Kirin Fire Coffee Can
My favourite sweet coffee in a can… Kirin’s FIRE!

This Fire coffee is found in vending machines and convenience stores. From a vending machine it usually costs ¥100 to ¥120, and is usually a little over ¥130 from a convenience store. The coffee can be purchased either hot or cold.

Personally I prefer milk and a little bit of sweetness in my coffee, which is why this is my favourite Japanese coffee. It can be easy to mistakenly purchase a black coffee by mistake, so if you’re like me and prefer milk, try this Japanese language tip: how to ask, is there milk in this coffee?

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