Living in Toyota city (and yes, it is home to the headquarters of Toyota), I thought by now I would have spotted one of the new Toyota Prius α’s (Alpha) driving around. A huge number of people work at the company, and there is a massive amount of traffic everyday heading toward the various company buildings. Amongst them, I’m very surprised not to see the new Prius. I drive to work everyday and have not seen one… until yesterday.

Yesterday (July 10th, 2011), my friends and I went to Nagoya to watch the first day of the sumo tournament. Arriving in Nagoya early, strolling the streets to find some coffee… I spotted it!

Photo of new Toyota Prius Alpha (side view) spotted in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
As soon as I saw the raised back... I knew I had found it!

On the back of a small truck were two new Toyota Prius α’s (Alpha), a white one and a grey one. You can tell the difference because the back “hatch” area of the Toyota Prius α (Alpha) is higher, it doesn’t curve off as much as the Toyota Prius. That, and of course, it has the badge, Toyota Prius α on the back. The truck was stopped (illegally) on a major road close to Nagoya station. Nagoya is about 35km from Toyota city.

After trying to spot one for so long I couldn’t believe it, I finally found one and I’m standing right next to it! So I started taking photos of the Toyota Prius α (Alpha)…

Photo of new Toyota Prius Alpha (rear view) spotted in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Here you can see the badge and the white Prius Alpha, as the truck drives off...

I only got to take 2 photos of the gray Toyota Prius α (Alpha), before the driver took off. I have no idea if he drove off because I was taking photos or not. But there you have it, they are out in the wild in Japan, hopefully there will be many more to be seen.

Update: 3rd September 2011

Well it seems as though more and more are hitting the streets, now that the Toyota factory is making its way back to normal operations. I live on Toyota city, Aichi and drive past the factory everyday. Some friends who have family in Japan, and are on the waiting list for the new Prius Alpha are getting theirs in the next few weeks.

I spotted this white Toyota Prius Alpha today in Toyota city (however the plates were for Mikawa, which is about 30km or so away).

Toyota Prius Alpha (Full car shot)
Parked next to me, I discovered this brand new Prius Alpha.


Close up of the Toyota Prius Alpha badge
Close up of the Toyota Prius Alpha badge.
Close up of the front fender of the new Toyota Prius Alpha
The curves in the front are different from the previous Prius. Also, you can't make it out in the photo about but they have a really nice blue colour on the Toyota logo and in the lights (and even on the small aerial).

I usually carry my Lumix with me, this was one of the first times I’ve left home without it. So the iPhone 3GS camera had to do for the photos above.

Update: 12th September 2011

OK I’m seeing more and more driving around the streets of Toyota city here in Japan. This will be the last update I make, unless I spot a super-cool modified Prius Alpha or something of the like.

Driving to work a few days ago, I was behind this truck that was delivering 4 brand new Prius Alphas to a big car dealer in the north of Toyota city. The dealer is called Netz, it has a huge area with lots of new cars, which makes me think it might be a distribution center for other Netz dealers.

New Toyota Prius Alphas on back of a truck from behind

New Toyota Prius Alphas on back of a truck from the side.