Japrish: Bourbon Water

The fourth photo in the Japrish image compilation (my own version of Engrish) is from a convenience store in Okayama.

Japrish (my Engrish) Bourbon Water in Japan

The perfect mix… bourbon and water?!

Bourbon Water is easily the best of the funny Japrish translations when it comes to water. I haven’t actually spotted this too many times since, but everyday I spot similar brand/product names which just don’t make sense…

When I first came to Japan, 2 years ago, a good friend gave me a tip about photography: “as well as taking normal tourist photos, choose something in particular and take photos of that”. On his last trip overseas it was license plates. I decided to spot Japrish (Japanese that has been badly translated to English, my own version of Engrish) whilst travelling in Japan.

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  1. Japan Australia

    Unfortunately, it is just plain water as Bourbon is the name of a food company in Japan famous for producing snacks. You learn fast in Japan that names can be deceiving.

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