The most convenient way to get around Kyoto is by bus. The city bus network takes you most of the major sites, including most of Kyoto’s World Heritage sites.

From JR Kyoto Station, bus number 4 passes through the Kawaramachi shopping area near Gion, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Shimogamo Shrine and then Kamigamo Shrine.

Kyoto City Bus
Kyoto City Bus #4 to Kamigamo-jinja

Kamigamo Shrine is one of the most northern areas that the city bus travels to, so the trip isn’t too short. But I love sitting back and people watching from the bus, taking random photos (i.e. the old battery vending machine) and generally just seeing what’s happening in “every day Japan”. If you’re heading to this shrine, make the most of your time and visit Shimogamo Shrine while you’re in the area.

The Kawaramachi area is a fun part of Kyoto. There’s plenty of shopping (this photo was taken just down the road from UniQlo, in the Mina Building). Just around the corner from here is the fantastic 9 Hours Capsule Hotel Kyoto.

Another reason why I like this area is: it’s convenient for traveling. At the Shijo-Kawaramachi intersection, near Kawaramachi train station, just about all of Kyoto’s city buses pass through, taking you to just about anywhere in Kyoto.

Traveler’s tip: If you’re spending the day in Kyoto, be sure to buy an all-day city bus pass. They are ¥500. A one-way trip for an adult is ¥220. The passes are available from all hotel receptions (well, at all that I’ve stayed at, and I’ve stayed at many!) and from many train stations, including several vending machines at the bus terminal in front of Kyoto Station.

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