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Author: Deano「ヂィノ」 Wormald

Koi (Nishikigoi - Japanese carp) in a garden pond at Tenryu-ji in Kyoto
Nijo Castle, Kyoto - Palace Building
Shopping at Dotonbori's American Village in Osaka
Hello Kitty Christmas Tree
Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto: Gift Shop (HDR Photo)
Omamori (blessed lucky charms) at Tenryu-ji in Kyoto
The Great Stupa of Koya-san at dawn (HDR Photo), Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
Kamigamo-jinja: tate-suna cones at the hoso-dono hall (HDR Photo)
Shopping at Yodobashi (UniQlo, Bic Camera and more) at Umeda/Osaka Stations
Shunkoden 「Sacred Mirror Hall, 春興殿」 at the Kyoto Imperial Palace
Automated Rotary Bicycle Parking
Kyoto Matcha Latte