This is the 5th post in the Japrish photo series, this time bringing you photos from a recent stationary shopping trip at the local 100 yen shop. We usually call these shops the “hyaku en” shop (hyaku = 100 and en = yen). You can really tell why you are getting a cheap product, more often than not the English becomes Japrish!

This first one is the funniest I have seen yet. Shown on the front of a scissors packet, I think they are trying too explain something which most people how to do… use scissors. However, it comes across a bit differently.

Put your finger in the hole?
Put your finger in the hole?

This next Japrish photo is from a packet of page markers. They are like small colourful post-its.

Japrish or Engrish on page markers packet from a 100 yen shop in Japan
Nothing especially funny, just an odd description.

The final photo in this Japrish post is from a lunch mat. The one I bought was brown, so it wasn’t as colourful as described. Although it does sound like it will help me to entertain my adult friends…

Japrish 100 (hyaku) yen shop lunchmat Engrish
Which times? Please be certain!

Japrish is my own version of Engrish, focusing on English signs (or in this case, product descriptions) which are usually funnily incorrect.