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Jetstar Economy Plus Meal: Teriyaki Chicken

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Jetstar Economy Plus Meal: Teriyaki Chicken


In flights meals. They have a bit of a reputation. I usually try and stay away from them. In preparation for the 9.5 hours without a decent meal, I usually have a big meal before boarding and then fill myself up after landing.

But on my most recent flight, I decided to bundle an inflight meal with the ticket purchase. I was definitely happy with the purchase…

Jetstar’s In-flight Meal

Jetstar Economy Meal: Teriyaki Chicken

Jetstar Economy Meal: Teriyaki Chicken

One sure sign of a cheap and poor quality meal is the meat to carbohydrate ratio. This teriyaki chicken noodle dish had a surprising amount of meat, and the noodles made it very filling.

Bundling a meal with your ticket purchase is only $12 (important to note that it would be at least double the price when purchased inflight). I was happily surprised, that later in the day after eating lunch (the teriyaki chicken pictured), dinner was also served. Each meal came with a juice and hot drink.

The meals are decent for Jetstar economy passengers, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone flying to or from Japan.

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