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Category: Japan Photos

Tram in Okayama
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle walls and turrets
Kagome Juice
Front signage at Hotel New Hankyu in Osaka
Udo-jingu, the shrine in a cave
Hello Kitty Vibrator Sex Toy from Akihabara, Tokyo
Funny Smoking Sign next to Yodobashi in Kyoto
Vermillion Gate at Sanjusangen-do, Kyoto
Jetstar Economy Seats
Japanese Food Vending Machine
Japanese Beer Vending Machine
Akiba Shrine, in Ekakushinmachi, Toyota City
Beer prices in Japan
400+ year old samurai armour: Gusoku Samurai Armour at the Tokyo National Museum
Kyoto City Bus
Business Hotel Bathroom Umeda
Kiosk: Conbini at JR Osaka Train Station
Himeji Castle: Restoration and Sakura
Okayama Castle at Sunset (a black castle in Japan)