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Tag: Photos

Awa Odori dancers in Tokushima
HDR Photo of the river at Atera Gorge in Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Hooking myself up to the line, to climb the waterfall
Photo of new Toyota Prius Alpha (side view) spotted in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
Japan Rail: Smoking Sign on a train Wild West smokers
The Great Buddha hall at Todai-ji in Nara, Kansai, Japan
Japrish - JR train commuter etiquette
Picture of the newest bullet train in Japan, the green E5 Hayabusa shinkansen.
Japrish poster from JR Harajuku (Smoke under the shoe and smoke stand)
Put your finger in the hole?
Statue in the gardens of Okazaki Castle, Aichi, Japan
Japrish (my Engrish) Bourbon Water in Japan
Japrish (my Engrish) Pansy Cleaning in Japan
Sakura flowers and branches in Japan
Children's Day Koinobori (carp) flags during Golden Week in Japan
Pachinko advertisement outside the venue in Osaka, Japan
Large orange gate entrance to a Temple at Kyoto
Statue of samurai warrior Kusunoki Masashige
Control panel for Japanese toilet