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Tag: Holiday in 2013

Kirin Fire Coffee Can
Cigarrettes and coke please: Vending machines
JR Kyoto Station Building
Hakone Shrine: Torii gate on the water (The Torii of Peace 「平和の鳥居」) of Lake Ashi (HDR Photo)
Hakone Shrine's East Torii (HDR Photo)
Front signage at Hotel New Hankyu in Osaka
Funny Smoking Sign next to Yodobashi in Kyoto
Jetstar Economy Seats
Japanese Food Vending Machine
Japanese Beer Vending Machine
Kyoto City Bus
Convenience Store Breakfast in Japan
Hakone Shrine: Looking through torii
mamachari ママチャリ - Arashiyama, Kyoto bicycle hire HDR
Jetstar Flight To Osaka: Wing and Clouds
Old Battery Vending Machine in Kyoto
Large abbey 「大方丈 ōhōjō」 at Tenryu-ji, Kyoto
Kiosk Convenience Store at Kansai International Airport's Train Station
Shopping in Kyoto: Mina at Kawaramachi